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On January 23, 2014, Shell Guam Incorporated donated two lot parcels to the Guam Preservation Trust on the condition that it be used for certain non-commercial, educational, and research purposes to further scientific research and education. Additional conditions were to provide a habitat for plant and animal species and communities and other natural resources on Guam.


The Atantano Heritage Preserve will involve collaborative efforts
and the shared responsibility of Guam’s community.  It is the   
  Guam Preservation Trust’s intention to promote the site as a
  venue to educate and build the capacity of our community, foster
     advocacy, stewardship, and sustainability of our cultural and
      natural resources.  The integrated development of Atantano
        Heritage Preserve will focus on the preservation and
         conservation of the on-site cultural and natural resources,
            maintaining the cultural landscape of Atantano.

History & Significance of Atantano

KUAM's Chris Barnett takes you on an educational tour of the Atantano heritage trail. Joe Quinta of Guam Preservation Trust is your guide and teaches you about the history, traditions, flora and fauna and the proper way to ask respect when hiking on this incredible section of Guam. It's a fantastic trek for hikers of any experience level.  (July 2019)